In-Ground Pools

We’ve joined forces with the team at Summertime Pools to provide our customers with a pool that you can enjoy for a lifetime. We knew Summertime were the right choice for us as our values align, and simply put, we love to help people enjoy themselves and get the most out of their backyard.

The Summertime Pools range is 100% Australian-made high-quality fibreglass pools, which have been specifically designed to complement the modern backyard and home. We’re committed to go above and beyond to ensure that we deliver a Summertime Pool that will enhance your lifestyle at home and you can enjoy now and into the future.

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The Summertime Dream; Australian made pools, built to last.
Summertime Pools
Why Summertime Pools?

The never-ending Summertime
Quintessentially Australian, Summertime Pools are 100% Australian made and manufactured. The high-quality range of fibreglass pools are made to last,  easy to maintain and backed by Summertime’s 30 Year Structural Warranty. Designed to suit all types of Australian backyards.

They’re true blue
All Summertime Pools are designed and manufactured in Victoria, Australia.  They are proud to not only support but lead the local manufacturing of swimming pools, creating jobs for our fellow Australians and allowing them to tightly control quality.

Only the best materials
We understand that a swimming pool, for any family, is a large investment. That is why we want to ensure you are able to enjoy your pool for a lifetime. With that focus in mind, Summertime employ only the highest quality fibreglass and componentry within their products.

Peace of mind
At Summertime Pools they believe in backing the quality of their product to stand the test of time, even in the harsh Australian environment. That is why we offer our pools with a 30 Year Structural Warranty, giving you complete peace of mind.

Industry longevity
Summertime’s three decades in the swimming pool industry have taught them many things, one of the most important being: to listen to their customers and respond to their needs. They’re determined to help evolve the swimming pool industry, consistently delivering great outcomes for customers.

The Pool Process

Making the process simple

Designing your Ideal Pool
Purchasing a pool can be an overwhelming experience. The team at Poolside Wangaratta are here to help you design the ideal pool to suit your backyard, your needs and your style.

This includes:

  • On-site consultation.
  • Size & colour selection.
  • Access assessment.
  • System & upgrade selection.
  • Timeframe planning.

Highest Quality Materials & Processes
Summertime Pools build all of their pools locally at their state-of-the-art facility in Victoria. This allows them to control the entire manufacturing process and essential material used, ensuring the highest quality standards.

This includes:

  • Made-to-order pools.
  • Local pool manufacturing.
  • Protective coating application.
  • Quality control & testing.
  • Delivery management.

Taking Care of the Finishing Touches
Installation day can be a very exciting experience for a new pool owner (and everyone in their street). However, this is a vital step in the process to ensure your pool operates effectively providing years of enjoyment.

This includes:

  • Excavation & site preparation.
  • Plumbing pool shell.
  • Lift in, back fill & bond beam.
  • Water fill & balancing.
  • Equipment installation.

Ensuring you get the most out of your pool
Understanding how your pool works and how to operate it efficiently is the key to ensuring you get maximum enjoyment out of your pool, immediately and years into the future.

Our handover process include:

  • On-site handover.
  • Thorough vacuum & clean.
  • Water testing & balance.
  • Control system set-up.
  • Ongoing phone support.
Pool Range

Hudson Range 
Compact Contemporary Style









The ideal solution for smaller backyards, the Summertime Pools Hudson range packs a lot of performance into a compact design. Perfect for alfresco living by the pool, the Hudson blends the ideal mix of space and style.

Available in 4m rectangle design, the steps and seating are integrated at one end, leaving ample space for a dip and splash in the body of the pool.

The Hudson model is trimmed with a child safe ledge, making them the ideal pool for the growing family.

Key features:

  • Integrated seating and step area.
  • Wading area and gradual depth increase.
  • Open safe deep end.
  • Child safe ledge around entire perimeter.
  • High quality, long-lasting fibreglass shell.
  • Easy clean and maintenance.

Taigen Range
All-Round Performance









Mixing performance and entertainment, the Summertime Pools Taigen is the ideal all-rounder for the active family.

Bosting two sizes, a mid-range 5m and a large 9m, each Taigen has a little bit of something for everyone.

Anchored by a long bench seat down one side, this pool has plenty of room to sit back and relax, a thoughtfully configured cluster of steps makes access a breeze.

The gentle decline into the vast swimming area offers safe and easy access for children, plenty of room for big groups, as well as ample swimming area for the fitness minded.

Key features:

  • Long bench seat.
  • Wading area and gradual depth increase.
  • Expansive deep end.
  • Child safe ledge around entire perimeter.
  • High quality, long-lasting fibreglass shell.
  • Easy clean and maintenance.

Lozza Range
Urban Alfresco Oasis









With modern backyard sizes shrinking, the Summertime Pools Lozza range is designed to meet the needs of the contemporary family.

Sleek but sophisticated, the Lozza is a must for the alfresco style spaces. Designed to maximise available space but enhance the ambience, this pool fits perfectly into any space.

The swimming area is maximised by a discrete step configuration gentle depth increase and surrounding child safe ledge.

Available in 6m (slim) and 6m sizes.

Key features:

  • Open swimming area.
  • Wadding area and gradual depth increase.
  • Child safe ledge around entire perimeter.
  • Discrete corner steps.
  • High quality, long-lasting fibreglass shell.
  • Easy clean and maintenance.

Corbree Range
Award Winning Style









Boasting numerous awards and commendations Summertime Pools Corbree range is a market leading favourite. Open, spacious and luxurious, the Corbree has ample room for both leisure and fitness.

The side step and seating configuration ensure that the main pool body is left open for large groups to splash about together or laps to be swum by the avid swimmer.

With versatility in mind, this range is offered in 4 sizes, ensuring there is a Corbree to suit backyards of every size.

Available in 6m, 7m, 8m and 10m sizes.

Key feautres:

  • Large, open swimming area.
  • Wadding area and gradual depth increase.
  • Child safe ledge around enter perimeter.
  • Easy access central step and seating configuration.
  • Convenient corner steps.
  • High quality, long-lasting fibreglass shell.
  • Easy clean and maintenance.

Mishadel Range
Abundant Space









If you’re looking for the ultimate swim and play pool, look no further than the Summertime Pools Mishadel range.

Designed specifically to maximise the space available for water fun and fitness the Mishadel boast a vast, open swim space ideal for swimming laps or splashing with family and friends.

With its straight, classic lines the Mishadel incorporates discrete step configurations, accentuating the openness of the pool. Simple and sleek, the Mishadel will complement any background.

Available in 7m (slim), 7m, 8m and 9m sizes.

Key features:

  • Large, open swimming area.
  • Wadding are and gradual depth increase.
  • Child safe ledge around entire perimeter.
  • Discrete corner steps.
  • High quality, long-lasting fibreglass shell.
  • Easy clean and maintenance.

Spaace Range
Complete Luxury Experience









For a complete backyard solution, look no further than the SPAACE. Easily integrated into your backyard as an add-on for the ultimate indulgence, the SPAACE has been designed to sit alongside your new pool for one easy install.

Not only great for entertaining and family fun, the SPAACE boast hydrotherapy benefits that can help sooth aches and pains, improve circulation and aid in relaxation making it a wellness hub for your home.

Designed to sit 6 adults in absolute comfort along with powerful waterjets for a tranquil back massage. You can soak the night away under the stars any time of the year at the perfect temperature of your choosing.

Available in 2.7m SPAACE spa size.

Key features:

  • Integrated seating and step area.
  • Hydrotherapy jet for ultimate relaxation.
  • Child safe ledge around entire perimeter.
  • High quality, long-lasting fibreglass shell.
  • Easy clean and maintenance.

Hydro Range
For the Modern Lifestyle









Summertime Pools Hydro is the perfect lifestyle upgrade for any home. Versatile, modern and family friendly, the Hydro brings the indulgence of a pool lifestyle to event the most compact and tight backyard spaces.

Designed with four formed steps allowing an effortless central entry point and open swim area, it makes the perfect compliment for a fun and active way of life.

Engineered with a flat bottom, the Hydro allows an easy, cost effective install while having a compact and slim profile allowing it to suit a range of contemporary backyard sizes.

Available in 5m and 6m sizes.

Key features:

  • Perfect for tight backyards.
  • Flat bottom for cost effective install.
  • Compact slim profile.
  • High quality, long-lasting fibreglass shell.
  • Easy clean and maintenance.

Flinders Range
The Ultimate Family Pool









The newest model from Summertime Pools is here, combining the best features of their most popular styles to create the perfect family-sized pool for both fun and relaxation.

At a generous 8m in length, the open and welcoming design of the Flinders features easy-access steps for safe entry into the pool and a long bench seat that runs down the long side of the pool.

At nearly 4m in width, this means there’s plenty of room for active kids to play whilst adults can relax undisturbed.

Available in 5m, 7m and 8m sizes.

Key features:

  • Large, open swimming area.
  • Easy access entry steps.
  • Long bench seat.
  • High quality, long-lasting fibreglass shell.
  • Easy clean and maintenance.

Portland Range
Swim Out Zone, Supersized!









Did someone say swim out zone? Summertime Pools heard you and they’ve made it BIG! The Portland boasts the biggest swim out in the Summertime Pools family, making it the perfect pool to relax and soak up the sunshine.

You can rest easy knowing the kids will be safe with an added safety ledge around the entire pool. The Portland pool has it all.

Available in 8m size.

Key features:

  • Supersized swim out zone.
  • Easy access entry steps.
    Safety ledge wrapping around the pool.
  • High quality, long-lasting fibreglass shell.
  • Easy clean and maintenance.
Pool Sizes + Colours

Get the right solution to fit your backyard

With Summertime Pools quality fibreglass pools to suit every need and every backyard configuration, size is never an issue. Explore the vast range of pool sizes below.

Small Pool Sizes
Designed to suit compact and alfresco style backyards

Medium Pool Sizes
Designed to suit the average, modern backyard.

Large Pool Sizes
Designed to suit the spacious backyard.

For total relaxation.


A swimming pool is the hero piece in any backyard. With 14 trend swimming pool colours and textures to choose from you can style and upgrade your pool to suit any setting. From traditional to modern, glitzy to glamorous, Summertime Pools has got a solution to suit your needs. Explore the vast range of swimming pool colours below.

Shimmer Range

Glisten Range




How much does an in-ground fibreglass pool cost?
Generally speaking, most inground fibreglass pools cost between $25,000 – $60,000. The final quote will depend on a number of factors, including how large your pool is and whether you are looking to add extra features. Feel free to contact our friendly team to discuss your options.

How is a fibreglass pool installed?
Fibreglass pools are essentially pre-made shells, so the installation process is simply a matter of excavating the area, setting in the pool shell, and connecting the plumbing and filtering systems.

Do fibreglass pools crack in cold climate?
Yes, fibreglass pools do not crack in cold weather and can be heated to your ideal swimming temperature, making them ideal pool for colder climates.

What shapes and sizes do the fibreglass pools come in?
Summertime Pools come in 17 different shapes and sizes, meaning you can find the perfect fit for your backyard. They are available from 4m up to 11m in length.

How long do fibreglass pools last?
Fibreglass pools are long-lasting investments that are built to last 50+ years. At Summertime Pools we provide a market leading 100 Year Structural Warranty on all our pools

What’s the warranty on a fibreglass pool?
All Summertime Pools are manufactured in line with ISO Quality Assurance standards and are made to the highest quality, right here in Australia. Summertime Pools provide a 30 Year Structural Warranty on our locally made range giving you complete peace of mind

Do I need to get a permit to have a pool installed?
Yes; all swimming pools require local building regulator approval prior to installation.


Still looking for an answer? Find more FAQ’s on the Summertime Pools website.