Pool Solar Heating

We’ve partnered up with Sunbather to provide solar heating options for your pool. Their products are cutting edge and of highest performance and quality standard. They are in tune with all of the latest technological advances which perfectly places them to make the most of these changes to continue to provide the best solar product on the market.

Sunbather is proudly Australian made and owned. Even when facing competition from cheap imports, they have never deviated from its goal to design, engineer and manufacture solar systems of the highest standard here in Australia. They are committed to providing pool owners with the most energy efficient and economical pool heating option technology will allow.

Solar can double your summer fun and the value you get from your investment by doubling your swimming days per year and doubling the swimming hours per day!
Why invest in Solar Heating?

Solar is the right heating choice.


You can double summer using the sun’s free energy
In all Australian states, channelling the Sun’s free heat energy straight into your pool with a Sunbather solar pool heating system will virtually double the swimming days per year and double the swimming hours per day.

Solar can double your summer fun and the value you get from your investment.

Swim when you feel like swimming
When the Sun shines, people want to use their pool. But more than half of the time the water is too cold. Solar is perfectly in tune with the Sun. When the Sun is warming you and you feel like swimming, it’s warming the pool as well.

Solar is by far the most powerful pool heating technology
As the most powerful object in our solar system, the Sun is the ultimate power source. That makes solar energy the most logical, contemporary and responsible pool heating option.

On a sunny day, a Sunbather solar system will produce four times more heat energy than any other heating design.

  • Solar can help reduce our impact on climate change.
  • Solar has zero greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Solar energy comes free from the sun.
  • Solar allows PV to be used for household energy saving.
  • Solar is 100% sustainable energy.
  • Solar has zero noise pollution.


Leader in Solar Technology

Don’t be confused, photovoltaic solar panels are not for pool heating
Pools can use a lot of energy if not heated with solar. If you install Photovoltaic electricity panels on your roof and expect them to heat your pool by substituting an electric heater, you will forever be disappointed. Keep it simple. Use electricity panels to power your “essential” home needs, and solar pool heating to heat your pool.

Solar pool heating has the highest efficiency
For the last 4 decades, the most efficient method of heating pool water is with Sunbather solar tubing on your roof extracting free heat from the sun. Fads come and go, yet black solar pool heating has stood the test of time with higher efficiency rates than any other heater.

As a world pioneer of solar, Sunbather developed their own HiPEC compound
Sunbather developed HiPEC to solve the industry’s problems of EPDM rubber. They made it much thinner and tougher and it weight 18% less. They ensured its thermal response was faster and made it more resistant to the climate and to chlorine attack. They also guaranteed it would never ‘tea-leaf’ and it quickly became the only material to use for solar strip collector… and 45 years later, it still is.

Others promoted 8 or 10 tube collectors, but Sunbather proved that 6 worked best
While strips with 8 or 10 tubes may increase the amount of water on the roof at any one time, that doesn’t improve heating performance. It just puts a lot more weight on your roof!

The science is clear.

Even water distribution of pool water across the collector; tube thickness; thermal resistance and area exposed to the Sun are more critical to absorbing and transferring heat quickly to the pool.

Decades of testing and thousands of large commercial installations prove HiPEC six tube strips are optimum.

Total flow control determines performance
Maintaining even water pressure in every tube across a large solar collector area involves complex hydraulics and flow management. Only Sunbather technology addresses these problems and only Sunbather achieves maximum heating efficiency by mastering them. With Sunbather, there are not cool spots.

Kwik-lok for fast and secure connection… and punched holes for faster warming
The Kwik-lock manifold connection system ‘clicks’ together. It is quicker, easier and, unlike glued systems, can easily be undone. It easily meets Sunbather’s stringent quality and reliability standards. Kwik-lok turns the weakest link into the strongest.

Punching holes in the webbing helped over-night dew evaporate quickly and rain water to drain straight through. All of which means more heat into your pool more rapidly.

Award-winning strip & panel technology

HiPEC strips provides ultimate flexibility
Strip collector is easy to install. It can run across multiple roof spaces and bend around obstacles.

Photovoltaic panels may not be the best for pool heating but they are good for generating electricity and strip collector can even run under existing PV panels to provide the best of both solar options.

Low profile flat loops… not fat loops
10 and 12 tube strips create FAT loops that can stick 200mm or more above the roof lining collecting dirt and debris.

Sunbather 6 tube loops are smaller and very unobtrusive.

To eliminate loops completely, choose Sunbather’s FLAT LOOP TECHNOLOGY – winner of the pool industry’s 2004 PRODUCT INNOVATION AWARD.

SunSwitch won the PRODUCT INNOVATION AWARD in recognition of its stylist design, new ideas and simple, intuitive controls.

There are no switches or knobs. Operation is through the screen with a choice of Auto, Manual and other specialised modes.

State-of-the-art German sensors ensure SunSwitch will always turn the system on when it should and off when it should. Just set and forget!


Wireless – when less is more
Wireless SunSwitch is the ultimate solar pool heating control system. Its remote sensor sits on the roof without the need to run wires.

And it doesn’t need batteries.

Not only is it easier to position for best performance, it’s also easier to replaced if it’s ever damaged. Its range is over 150 meters and it transmits every 10 seconds so it’s more accurate than other system

The only rigid solar panel system made in Australia for Australian conditions. It’s the new benchmark in solar panels.

Some installations require a rigid panel system. Usually, they are in places that are particularly harsh on the solar collector.

In the past that meant an imported product has to be used. These were perfectly adequate systems, but not specifically designed for tough Australian conditions.

Now the Sunbather Suntube-2 panel system has changed all that.

A local manufacturer has created an Australian made panel rugged and durable enough for Australia’s harsh climate.

Australia is a world leader in solar pool heating but Australian climactic conditions place huge demands on solar collector materials and pipework.

That’s why Suntube-2 system ahs been made super tough. It is easily the toughest solar system made anywhere in the world.

Every component in the system has been redesigned for greater strength and durability. New technologies have been developed for every connection to eliminate any potential points of weakness.

And now, it’s water and energy saving properties have been awarded Climate Care Certification.


Flexible Strip Solar


  • Sunbather strip is the most versatile and efficient collector available and can be custom made to suit all roof shapes and sizes.
  • Strip solar collector can work around chimneys, solar PV panels, skylights, etc.
  • It’s the best looking solar option.
  • It comes with an industry leading 15 year warranty.

Rigid Suntube-2 Solar Panels

  • Rigid solar comes in single moulded panel.
  • There are several sizes available.
  • Panels are the alternative to the more popular strip.
  • They are used for conditions such as steep roofs.
  • Every component has been redesigned for greater strength and durability.
  • Suntube-2 panels have a 15 year warranty plan.


Commercial Pool Heating

  • Sunbather is Australia’s largest and most trusted name in heating commercial swimming pools.
  • Their design team has over 45 years’ experience.
  • Pool heating solutions include solar, gas and heat pumps.
  • Sunbather offer free energy consultations to deliver the best ROI and savings for your centre.






Solar Control Systems

  • You need a great control system for your solar to work at maximum efficiency.
  • Sunbather SunSwitch is a multi award winner.
  • It is simple in design and high in performance.
  • It is available with both sensor cables and wireless options for simple installation.

DIY Solar Pool Heating Kits

  • Simple design and 45 years’ experience means Sunbather offers the DIY handyman kit which is easier to install than any other.
  • Manual and automatic options available.
  • Kits comes with detailed instructions and videos.
  • Spend less time installing, and more time in your warm pool.

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