Above-Ground Pools

Stern’s Pools design and build a range of above-ground pools that suit every size and shape, so no matter what your budget it, you’ll find the perfect pool for you. That’s why we’ve joined up with Stern’s Pools to provide above-ground pools – so every Aussie family can experience some backyard fun in the sun.

For over 40 years, Stern’s has been encouraging and supporting backyard pools that have become our culture, a time-honoured tradition for families and entitling them to fun-filled days around their own pool.

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A swimming pool makes the season special and brings the family together. It’s where children come to splash and play, it’s where mums and dads relax and let the cares of the world just float away.
Stern’s Pools
Why Stern’s Pools?

More splash for your cash!

What makes a Stern’s pool the best your money can buy?

Unlike many competitors, Stern’s pools are made right here in Australia. They’re the only manufacturer to use the thickest, highest quality, galvanised, BlueScope steel.

Their pools are based on modular designs. This means you can choose a shape that fits the style of your home and a size that will fit the space in your garden.

Easy Installation
A Stern’s pool is so easy to install that it’s often done in one day.

Minimal Maintenance 
Stern’s pools and equipment are designed to keep maintenance to an absolute minimum so you can spend as much of your time enjoying your pool.

The range of pools will enable you to achieve the look and feel of a concrete or fibreglass pool but at a fraction of the cost.

Fifty years of experience has taught Stern’s Pools how to produce pools of the highest quality and durability, and because of that, there is the confidence to issue a pro-rata up to a 15 year warranty.

The different of Modular Pools

What is exactly is a modular pool?

‘Modular’ is a technical term for what has often been called an ‘above-ground’ pool. But, these days there’s a great deal more to it than that.

Stern’s modular pools use a range of panels and components that can be configured to create pools of different sizes, shapes and depths.

This makes them extremely versatile, affordable and both quick and easy to install.

The range extends from the simple to the sublime. Whatever your budget, whatever space is available, you’ll find there’s a Stern’s pool that is right for you.


Above-Ground Pools
These pools sit on level ground and can be installed very quickly and cost effectively. If you move home, they can even move with you!






Semi In-Ground Pools
These pools are perfect for uneven ground where both excavation and decking are necessary.






In-Ground Pools
These pools can be decked and landscaped to achieve the look and feel of most expensive concrete and fibreglass pools but at a fraction of the cost.



Pool Range

The Whitsunday is Stern’s Pools top of the range and most popular pool. It’s been re-engineered to use all-resin components that make it highly resistant to corrosion and suitable for both liquid chlorine and saltwater systems.

The Whitsunday has been engineered for above, semi and in-ground installations and comes with a 15 year pro-rata warranty.

  • Made in Australia
  • Top coping and vertical posts are fully UV-treated for the demands of the Australian climate
  • Resin top coping replaces metal – rounded for safety and ribbed for grip
  • Resin vertical posts replace metallic posts
  • Metallic components have been electro-coated for added protection to the existing galvanic protection
  • Marine grade stainless steel nuts and bolts – designed for saltwater use









The Lindeman pool is Australia’s strongest semi-inground pool and has been designed to give you years of hassle-free enjoyment.

Featuring a braceless structure, the Lindeman is constructed from the highest quality materials from BlueScope Steel and is engineered for above, semi and in-ground installations.

The Lindeman is covered by  10 year pro-rata warranty.

  • Made in Australia
  • Exclusive 170mm wide top coping with matching single piece connector
  • Braceless design minimises excavation and creates a streamlined look when installed above ground
  • 1.2m birch grey walls with white framework
  • Marine grade nuts and bolts – designed for use around water
  • True 0.5mm heavy duty liner









Mission Beach 
The Mission Beach is the entry level pool and most affordable in the Stern’s range.

It has been designed specifically to be installed above-ground. The slimline posts and framework are topped with a wider coping that makes getting in and out much easier. The combination of birch grey wall and white framework gives this pool a sleek look that is perfect for any backyard.

The Mission Beach pool is covered by a 10 year pro-rata warranty.

  • Made in Australia
  • Birch Grey 1.2m wall height with white framework
  • Unique 100mm top coping delivers strength and safety
  • Slimline posts maintain pool strength
  • Braced structural design
  • True 0.5mm heavy duty liner
  • Marine grade nuts and bolts – designed for use around water


How long do modular pools last in the ground?
With proper maintenance, it is expected Stern’s pools will last 15 – 20 years. We’ve seen them last a lot longer. A minimum 10 year pro-rata warranty is also provided for all pools.

What are Stern’s pools made of?
The structure is made from the thickest galvanised steel available on the pool market. The walls are made from Australian BlueScope Flexographic Steel.

What are the pools lined with?
Stern’s pools are lined with premium quality, coloured PVC that is shaped and welded to fit your pool at their factory in New South Wales.

What shapes are available?
Across the range there are five basic shapes – round, oval, rectangle, keyhole and raindrop. As the Stern’s system is modular, some models can be built to custom specifications.

Will I need council approval to install a pool?
Yes. Regulations vary from state to state. You’ll need to go to your local council website or offices to submit an application.

How much do modular pools cost?
As a DIY project , your budget could be as little s $3,000! Full installation of a small pool would come closer to $10,000.

Still looking for an answer? Find more FAQ’s in the Stern’s Pool Product Brochure below or on the Stern’s website.